No.6: It was beautiful

And the airplane just landed itself – it seemed to anyway. It kissed the earth. It was beautiful.

– captain after he landed a plane, which had lost all four engines at altitude after encountering volcanic ash and then restarted after a 30 minute descent, and a landing that was practically blind because the ash had pitted the windscreen

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kissing (p.26)
Rock’n’roll may be like deep kissing (and that’s just to begin with) but it also takes something away: comfort and control (and that’s just to begin with). What you get in their place are thunder and lightning.

beauty (p.104)
Yes, it’s a marvel – but we’re bewitched. We go in and can’t get out. What do we find there? The exalting, the abasing. Beauty and pain. We find ourselves held within an immense awareness. We are receivers of its truth – the birth of the sky and the earth, the colours running, the forms appearing, clouds and mountains, angels and kings – and more than that, the organs of its activity. This awareness, however dimly it comes to us, is the original sublimity. And it has an edge to it, hidden, flashing, waiting.

beauteous (p.127)
Dreams and the light imaginings of men,
And all that faith creates or love desires,
Terrible, strange, sublime and beauteous shapes.

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